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Uca Flammula

Uca Flammula

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Please do not combine this with any other items except springs and lube as this will be fulfilled from Australia.

The first colourway Flammula is named after the Flame-backed Fiddler Crab. These bright orange crabs with a black back are usually found in the northern coast of Australia, from Broome all the way to the western side of the Cape of Carpentaria. Orange is my favourite colour and I had fun making the white-tipped claw!

The other unique thing about this sculpt has movable eyes*. You can angle them how you like, and then slightly twist them to lock them in place.The oval ball joint socket will hold the eyes up with friction.

Details about the keycap:

Size: 2u  (backspace/ 0 key)

Stem: Cherry MX compatible, flush

Key height: 15mm with eyes folded flat

Price: AUD 90 (~USD 68)

Raffle sale format:

Form open for 24 hours from  12 April 15:00 AEST

**Entry does not guarantee win**

Winners have 24 hours to pay

Invoices will go out via portal (if you don't have an account you will need to fill in your delivery details then)

Shipping via Sendle Australia with insurance:

       Australia ~AUD 10

       Rest of world no more than AUD 20

Got any questions or suggestions for me? What colour would you like to see next? What do you like/dislike about this sculpt? Join us on discord! Or if you want to see my other fishy artisan you can click here to see the hammerhead sculpt: Mokarran!! 

Once again I would like to thank the fantastic members on the Zbutt discord server that provided so much info on making artisan keycaps. Check them out!


Please make sure the eyes are in the folded down position when you type.

Each eye stalk is friction fitted in the socket, angle them into position and then rotate them VERY slightly and gently until they are held in place.


Switch compatibility

Cherry MX


Epoxy resin

Care Instructions

Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight. As with all plastics and epoxies, even with UV stabilizing additives, the color WILL eventually fade with UV exposure under sun. Refer to our FAQ for more information on durability related questions.

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