POM Jelly Group buy update 1, testers shipping problems, artisan project update and future releases ---- 21/5/2020

Groupbuy order placed, proceeding to manufacturing process, artisan project ready for production, Stocking lubricants in the future and POM Jelly testers shipping delays

I hope that everyone is well and safe in these trying times.

As the GB has ended one month ago we would like to provide a first month update of where we’re at.

I am glad to tell you that the order had been placed and deposit paid for. We should be able to receive our delivery in China by mid July. With that said due to the current pandemic we have no idea if the freight times from China to Australia will still be experiencing delays by then. 

If all goes well we will be fulfilling your orders once we receive them in August! Extras will be available after the groupbuy orders are fulfilled so If you missed out the groupbuy you’ve still got a chance! We’ve got some new colours planned so keep your eyes out!

GB aside, we are working on getting the Cnidaria artisan ready for production and I’ve also got a couple more marine animal sculpts coming, and we will be offering a range of lubes (for switches) very soon. Exciting times!

Finally, we would like to address the delays on tester deliveries. Rest assured all testers have been shipped out within two days of the order being placed. However, as Australia Post has shut down economy air services (that is how testers are shipped) due to the reduced air traffic since April, some of these packages would have been left in a warehouse awaiting plane pickup. The package will eventually be delivered, however, if you have any questions do not hesitate to send us an email with your order number!

We will be bringing more good news in the next update, stay safe!
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Never received my order, it’s been over a year now.


had a question for shipping. my order just says ’shipping" but i changed a keyset and then it said IDE shipping 9-27 days, Whats just “shipping”?

Tarric ali

when will you guys restock!


you guys suck, put some more in stock.
love, sincerely
your nemesis

gabba gabba

Hello! when will be available again???


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