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THIC THOCK Marshmallow switches

THIC THOCK Marshmallow switches

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Tired of bottoming out too much and it hurts your fingers?

Burn out because you used to think all switches feel the same?

Getting lazy of lubing 10000+ switches?

Thic Thock Marshmallow switches, are one of the best linear switches on the market. 


  • Uses Thic Thock MP Series Progressive springs 68g
  • Top tier even when unlubed
  • POM Stem, nylon bottom
  • Sold in packs of 10


Benefited by the high quality Thic Thock MP Series Progressive springs, no spring ping guaranteed! 

The perfect switches to match your POM Jelly keycaps. Who doesnt want some cute looking switches for your one and only custom mechanical keyboard?


 Not sure if this is the best for you? Here is a Review from Top Clack

Edit 27/08/2020: Sold out in less than 10 hours, we are hoping to restock before December



Material: Custom Nylon housing with POM stem
Spring: Thic Thock MP Series 68g - Gold Plated
Nature: Linear
Actuation Force: ~50g
Actuation Distance: ~1.4mm
Factory Lubrication? NO

Feature: Smooth Criminal, Premium Grade Progressive Spring, Too Cute


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