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[Pre-order]Frusta Fundamental 65% keyboard kit

[Pre-order]Frusta Fundamental 65% keyboard kit

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**Please do not combine this item with other items**

**Please leave a note about your plate choice while checking out. You can have the following plate options:

-Alu Full Plate
-PC Full Plate
-Brass Full Plate
-Brass Half Plate**



-65% layout by default, but can change to 60% by replacing the top frustum, plate and PCB only
-Support gasket mount, top mount and plateless tray mount
-Comes with 7-degree typing angle by default, bottom frustum with different typing angles will be manufactured in the future
-The PCB supports QMK, VIA and also support firmware and GUI editor developed by PicoLab
-Top cover(frustums) will be available for color swap in the future, down to 40usd each
-No weight

Pricing :

437AUD per kit (Shipping and GST excluded)

Each kit includes :

-1 Middle frame
-1 Top frustum
-1 Bottom frustum
-1 Plate
-1 Hotswap PCB
-1 Foam
-1 package of screws
-30 gaskets and some spares

Case material : Aluminum

Color options:
-Blue (Pantone 10269C)
Anodized Blue top/E-White mid/Anodized Blue bottom

Anodized Black top/Anodized white mid/Anodized Black bottom

Anodized White top/Anodized Black mid/Anodized White bottom

Plate options:
-Alu Full Plate
-PC Full Plate
-Brass Full Plate
-Brass Half Plate

Estimated shipping date : May 2021

All orders will be fulfilled from Australia

Limited to 1 kit per customer

Available units: 25

Sales type : First Come First Serve

Time slot : 26thFeb2021 8PM GMT+10 to 8th March2021 GMT+10 or while stock lasts

By purchasing this item you agree that :

-No refunds or cancellations

-There can be delays or set backs

-Color difference may occur as pictures shown in this document are pre-production prototypes

Other vendors: 

NA: PicoLab
CN: PicoLab
KR: Swagkeys
SEA: PicoLab, Thic Thock
AU: Escape keyboard


More details can be found on original geekhack post


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