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THIC THOCK Konpeito switches

THIC THOCK Konpeito switches

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Konpeitou switch features a prolonged stem, giving the Konpeitou switch a unique sound signature and extra stability.

These switches will have JWK JX* stems installed and will come with extra POM stems.

  • Uses Thic Thock MP Series Progressive springs 68g
  • Top tier even when unlubed
  • POM Stem and JX stem, nylon bottom
  • Sold in packs of 10

Material: Custom Nylon housing with JX stem/ POM stem
Spring: Thic Thock Magically Progressive Series 68g - Gold Plated
Nature: Linear
Actuation Force: ~50g
Actuation Distance: ~1.4mm
Factory Lubrication: NO
Feature: Premium Progressive Spring, Prolonged Stem - Unique sound signature

Konpeitou is pre-installed with Thic Thock MP Series spring - progressive spring. 

By making the purchase, you acknowledge that there is a possibility that you would encounter certain switches that has its spring installed upside down. 

Recommended orientation placement of spring is - tighter coil facing top housing.
If you encounter inconsistent keypresses, please make sure the spring is properly installed and the bottom of the spring touches the bottom housing.

*JX - a new material with lower friction coefficient (meaning smoother!) that JWK is introducing.

NA/CA: ApexKeyboards
EU: Mykeyboard.eu
AS: Thic Thock
OCE: Daily Clack, EscapeKeyboard