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Escape Keyboard Carrying and Storage Case

Escape Keyboard Carrying and Storage Case

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*Keyboard not included*

A keyboard case for ALL of your keyboards! Will fit most 40%/ 60%/ 65%/ 75%/ TKL boards due to the modular foam cutting pattern!

Organize your keyboard and accessories and you won't need to worry about damaging expensive kits while carrying them around.

Key features:

- fit as many boards as possible, foam has a modular cutting pattern where it will fit anything under 360x145x40 while maintaining at least 25mm sides and 20mm bottom thickness of foam for maximum protection.

-cutting pattern also allow different angled foam wedges of 10, 15 and 20 degrees for differently angled boards.

-mesh pocket on top lid for your cables/ pcbs or storing the foam for future use. -padded divider between top and bottom shell so whatever stored in the mesh pocket won't scratch your board.

-minimum branding (apart form zips) so it will fit any setting.


Nylon outer, EVA foam inserts

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