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[Groupbuy] Lamy TKL Keyboard kit

[Groupbuy] Lamy TKL Keyboard kit

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Sales format: Raffle

Lamy TKL will be live on the 4th December at 7PM HKT (11AM GMT)

Raffle will last for 48 hours Note: Orders from OCE will be invoiced and shipped by Escape Keyboards, priced as below.


Raffle form opened!


- Standard Kit (2 Plates and PCBs included)
- RRP HKD $4245 (USD $545)
- AUD $895 for OCE region buyers


Case: Aluminum
Mounting: Top Mount, Oring Gasket
Plate: PC / Aluminum
Weight: SS Sandblasting
PCB: Hiney H88 with daughter board (Soldered Only)
Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
Front Height: 16.5mm

Each Kit contains
- Case
- Weight
- 2x Plates (Aluminum and Polycarbonate)
- 2x H88 with Daughter Boards
- 1x Oring
- Packaging

Lead Time:
Q3 2022

Quality Expectations
- No scratches on the outside of the case

- Slight Anodization variation between the Top and bottom case

- Possible scratches on internal areas, such as screw holes scratches, anodization hook marks

Group Buy Policies:
Please note that this is a Group Buy.
There can be delays and set-backs. The timeline is only an estimate. By joining the raffle you agree that you understand everything above.

Cancelations can only be made before the Group Buy Ends.

Due to Shopify’s change in their refund policy as of March 1st, 2020, we will be charging a 5% fee on order cancellations.


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