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Deep Blue: Hammerhead

Deep Blue: Hammerhead

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Please do not combine this will any other items except springs and lube as this will be fulfilled from Australia.

The Deep blue: Hammerhead artisan keycap features a hammerhead shark underway underwater, only showing its fin! 

Realistic water effect is achieved by using a clear blue resin that transitions into a opaque dark blue colour as the water depth increases. The wake coming off the fin creates an illusion that the shark is swimming underwater! 

Every Deep Blue keycap will come with its own clear acrylic token with a serial number.

This item will ship starting on the 20th of August 2022.


Switch compatibility

Cherry MX


Epoxy resin

Care Instructions

Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight. As with all plastics and epoxies, even with UV stabilizing additives, the color WILL eventually fade with UV exposure under sun. Refer to our FAQ for more information on durability related questions.

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