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[GroupBuy] JTK Dreaming Girl Stabilizers

[GroupBuy] JTK Dreaming Girl Stabilizers

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*This is a pre-order item. Please do not combine this item with any INSTOCK items or your order will be cancelled. 

**If you combine it with other groupbuy items, your WHOLE order will be shipped after everything has arrived.


Order JTK Dreaming Girl Base kit on day 1 to get HOLO card for FREE!

Also check out JTK Dreaming Girl Keycap and Usagi switches!


Group Buy period : 1st Oct 2021 to 31st Oct 2021 


Estimated shipping date : Q2 2022

Group Buy End on 11/1/2021

By purchasing this item you agree that :

-No refunds or cancellations

-There can be delays or set backs


All orders will be fulfilled from Australia.



Manufacturers: Gateron

Materials: Nylon housings, POM Stem

Sold in two variants:

- 4*2u + 1*6.25u + 1*7u WIRE

Sufficient for one keyboard build (TKL size)

-7*2u + 1*6.25u + 1*7u WIRE
Sufficient for one 6.25u spacebar and one 7u spacebar keyboard build (TKL size)


Other vendors: 

US: RocketKeyboards
UK: Protozoa Studio
CA: Ashkeebs
EU: MyKeyboard EU
CN: zFrontier
SEA: Pantheon Keys
MEX: SwitchClubMX

More info can be found on the Interest Check post


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