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Cnidaria Chironex

Cnidaria Chironex

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Cast resin keycaps that are 14.5mm tall with a flush stem. 

This particular transparent colourway will be named Chironex, after one of the deadliest box jellyfishes on the planet that happens to be mostly transparent, and thus, very hard to detect!

Every Cnidaria keycap will come with an acrylic token, with its serial number etched on one side and a Jellyfish etched on the other side. As I would like to minimize single use plastics, both the keycap and the token will come enclosed in a small block of foam within a small cardboard box, and a sticker.

This is a fulfilment sale on starting on the 24th September 12:00 AEST for 48 hours. If we hit 50 units the sale will close early. As that is the maximum number of keys I feel comfortable making in a reasonable timeframe, due to the unconventional tentacle base that requires quite a lot of effort!

All orders will be sent via Sendle from Australia with tracking and insurance before 31st October 2021.

Limited to one per customer.

Switch compatibility

Cherry MX



Care Instructions

Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight. As with all plastics and epoxies, even with UV stabilizing additives, the color WILL eventually fade with UV exposure under sun. Refer to our FAQ for more information on durability related questions.

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