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Christo Lube MCG-153

Christo Lube MCG-153

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  • 5ml in a screw capped tube with washer
  • Enough for ~500 switches
  • Thick lubricant, equivalent to Krytox 205
  • Perfect for linear switches
  • Works well on POM switches such as Novelkeys cream!
Are you addicted to buttery typing experience? Do you want your switches as thicc as possible?

Are you sure about what you are looking for?

Christo lube MCG-153 is a very thick grease and is suitable for those who want the most buttery smooth linear switches.


  1. Take apart your switch with a switch opener, or a flat head screwdriver.

  2. Remove the spring and the stem, and apply a thin layer or lube to the switch sliders using a size 00 paint brush.

  3. Gently tap on both ends of the spring with your paint brush with lube. A tiny amount of lube would be enough to eliminate pinging noises. Excessive amount of lube here does not show any benefits.

  4. Apply a thin layer of lube to the 4 contact sides of the stem.

  5. Put the switch back together and test the switch.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you are satisfied with the smoothness.


Fully fluorinated grease thickened with PTFE

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