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Christo Lube MCG-129

Christo Lube MCG-129

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  • 5ml in a screw capped tube with washer
  • Enough for ~500 switches
  • Moderate thickness lubricant, equivalent to triboysis 3204
  • Perfect for linear switches and stabilizers
  • Works well on POM switches such as Novelkeys cream


Christo lube MCG-129 is perfect for linear switches and is considered to be the equivalent of the well-known krytox 205g0.

It gives the widely popular “buttery” feel due to its high viscosity and is the keystone in reaching the end-game level of typing experience for linear switches. 

This is probably the best lubricant for stabilizers as it has top tier durability and consistency. When applied correctly, MCG-129 will give you the most refined stabilizers for your keyboard.



  1. Take apart your switch with a switch opener, or a flat head screwdriver.

  2. Remove the spring and the stem, and apply a thin layer or lube to the switch sliders using a size 00 paint brush.

  3. Gently tap on both ends of the spring with your paint brush with lube. A tiny amount of lube would be enough to eliminate pinging noises. Excessive amount of lube here does not show any benefits.

  4. Apply a thin layer of lube to the 4 contact sides of the stem.

  5. Put the switch back together and test the switch.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you are satisfied with the smoothness.


Fully fluorinated grease thickened with PTFE

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