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POM Jelly Keycaps Rainbow ANSI full kit

POM Jelly Keycaps Rainbow ANSI full kit

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This full kit covers a full size ANSI layout keyboard and will also include a 1.75 right shift for 65% keyboard conversions. This will fit most of the full size and 65% standard layout keyboards on the market.

Side etch kits will have legends on the alpha-numerical keys only. 

More details: 

Material: POM (Acetal)

Profile: OEM                          

Thickness: 1mm

Layout: ANSI 

Stem: Cherry MX compatible

Rows: Top R4 R4 R3 R2 R1 R1 Bottom

Which kits do I need?

If you have a normal keyboard you need the Alpha Kit and the Mod kit to get full coverage.

Extras Kit is for people that have a 40% keyboard that does not need the modifier keys.

Compat Kit is an add-on for customers that bought our ANSI Mod Kit previously. Our current Mod kit includes all keys in Compat kit.

Care Instructions

Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight. As with all plastics and epoxies, even with UV stabilizing additives, the color WILL eventually fade with UV exposure under sun. Refer to our FAQ for more information on durability related questions.

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