POM Jelly Rainbow full ANSI kit available for pre-order now; Extras for Group Buy 1 are available!

POM Ink Keycaps
POM Ink Keycaps
POM Ink Keycaps

POM Ink Keycaps

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A new colour variant has joined the POM family, introducing Ink.

Ink differs from the translucent POM Jelly series as it is a solid colour.

 Mix and match with other POM Jelly keycaps, the choice is yours.


This product is ready for immediate dispatch


**The alpha kit consists of 45*1u keys (as per your normal alphas). **

**The ANSI full mod kit consist  of 65 keys to cover a full size keyboard and 98% layout. Also comes with a 1.75u right shift for 65% conversions**


New to custom keyboards? Come and have a chat with us on Discord https://discord.gg/HatQPNW to decide which kit suits you best!

More details: 

Material: POM (Acetal)

Profile: OEM                          

Thickness: 1mm

Layout: ANSI 

Stem: Cherry MX compatible

Rows: Top R4 R4 R3 R2 R1 R1 Bottom


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