POM Jelly Keycaps fulfillment update 29/09/20

POM Jelly Keycaps fulfillment update 29/09/20



This is a belated update on the POM jelly Group Buy. 

We have been doing alot of QC lately, and we apologise for the delay in fulfillment.

The kits that we got back from the factory are looking good, and all of them have passed QC this time with flying colours.

Up until today we have shipped more than 80% of the orders. And the package to our EU vendor prototypist.net is on its way.

There is a week-long holiday coming up in China so fulfillment will be paused for one week. The remaining orders will all go out before the 14th of October, after our fulfillment team gets back to work on the 8th of October. If you still have not received a tracking number by the 14th of October, please let us know!

We will do a final update once all orders have been fulfilled (or at least partially fulfilled for those who had bought the Compat kit, as moulds are still in the making), and announce the release dates of the extras from this GB, as well as confirming the extras pricing!



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Hey, I bought the rainbow caps group guys and they still haven’t shipped out yet. When do you think it’ll shop?

Giang Nguyen

Just got mine! They’re absolutely lovely. I’m looking forward to trying to snag an extras and maybe a TKL if you have any more.


Just got my kits, but my extras kit doesn’t have any of the split spaces? They’re all convex.


Thank you for this! Received a tracking number just the other day. Hope you guys are staying safe, and keep up the great work!


Thanks for the update! Looking forward to extras


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