POM Jelly Keycaps Compat kit update 16/03/2021

Hello everyone!

This is a long overdue update on the current status of the Compat Kit from last year’s POM group buy. Our apologies for the delay as we do not want to publish information with uncertainty.

Earlier this week, we were told by the factory that the moulds are near completion and we should expect physical samples of the new keys early May 2021. All kits should be delivered to us before the end of May and we should be able to fulfill all outstanding Compat kit orders within  5 business days of the kits arriving in our warehouse in Shanghai, China.

We are well aware that the production of this kit is significantly delayed due to the pandemic from our initial estimation. We are, however, confident that all kits will be made and delivered very soon.

If you have moved or changed your delivery details, please send us an email at cs@escapekeyboard.com

Please also feel free to let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

Best regards,

Escape Keyboard

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Please make the compat kits available for purchase! Many hhkb layout fans like myself will be extremely happy!


Hi friends :)

I bought sugarcube sets in last week.

In my fault, I know my RAMAs have 1.5U, 7U lol

Can I buy compat kit in the end of the MAY?
Or the compat kits you said are for pre-ordered?

Kang Il Lee

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