We will be on holiday starting from 8th Feb. Order fulfillment will resume 19thFeb.

POM Jelly Group buy Final update ---- Please contact us ASAP if you need to change your shipping address

Hello fellas!

We are glad to let you guys know that we have received our first batch of shipment in China and fulfillment will commence shortly! 

As mentioned in the previous update, the rainbow kits only orders will be shipped first as most of them have passed QC and are all ready to go! Meanwhile, we are working on assuring the content of the other kits so there will be a 3-4 week delay on the rest of the kits.
Compat kit moulds are still in the making and we do not have a solid ETA.

Shipping will start at the end of July so please let us know if you have changed your address before the 31st July 2020. Please contact us via cs@escapekeyboard.com with your order number, email, and new address if you intend to change it. Do let us know if you have any other concerns!


Escape Keyboard


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