POM Jelly Group buy update 2, Shipping start late July-early August directly from China to reduce shipping time 10/7/2020


I hope everyone is well and safe in the current pandemic.

Our apologies for the delay on the updates and we would like to provide a quick status check on the POM group buy.

Fulfillment is on track to start late July/ Early august starting with the Rainbow kit only orders (the rest of the 24 kits are still being sorted, and compat kit moulds are still in the process of being made). 

We are also working on dispatching the orders directly from China to reduce shipping times at our cost, as there are noticeable delays in shipping from China to Australia, and from Australia to other countries. With current events it would be best to avoid shipping them twice as it adds uncertainty to deliver times. Orders from Australia will still be fulfilled from Australia.

We will send out a final update before we start fulfillment so stay tuned!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Escape Keyboar

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How much longer do you think it will take for the kit’s that aren’t the rainbows to ship? Thank you.


Though I doubt that there’ll be another drop soon considering the pandemic, but if all the situations manage to die down a little bit, could I be informed of when the next possible drop could be?


Thank you for the informative and long awaited updated! Keep up the good work! Stay safe!

Melody Chang

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