A new colour has joined the family!

Exciting new POM colors!



The interest check on Lavender, Strawberry, Pudding and Matcha will be live on Reddit and Geekhack soon! 

This is not a render, nor photoshop. This is what it physically looks like in natural light.


Fill out the survey and bring these to your desk!


  • I’m loving the creaminess of the Strawberry! Or is it the Pudding? Photo doesn’t say :)

    Jennifer Graham
  • Really just want to see another basic white POM buy!

    Luke R.
  • Peach color or toast

  • Love these caps, grey would be awesome color and, maybe an optional set with legends to attract more potential customers who need them :)

    Junho Park
  • I really want these but like, I need the alphabets on them. LOL


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