GB fulfillment commenced!

GB fulfillment commenced!

We are happy to let you guys know that the first batch of rainbow kit only orders has been shipped out from our warehouse in Shanghai.

Please be aware that since we are sent via a fulfillment service there will be a slight delay on the tracking information being updated on your order. We will gradually add the tracking number into your orders so DO NOT PANIC if you still do not have one.

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I can’t believe people actually buy from this site when everything is so overpriced! You can buy a full set of POM keycaps on taobao for 10 yen (same quality, and I suspect same manufacturing since this site ships from China too).


Hello, i very wait POM Jelly, is there any information when they becomes available?


These keycaps are amazing just a bit over priced in my opinion

Dominick Pham

I’m looking to get a full set of the white POM Jelly keycaps. Please let me know when the next group buy is if there is one.


Hi! im really keen on getting myself a set of POM keycaps. May i know when will the next GroupBuy be available for orders? Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!

Wei Yan Chong

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