The great hammerhead artisan keycap Mokarran is here!



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Shipping of this item will commence end of January 2022 as the tokens are still being made.
Please do not combine this will any other items except springs and lube as this will be fulfilled from Australia.


The Mokarran artisan keycap is a morphologically accurate sculpt modelled after the Great Hammerhead, Sphyrna mokarran.  This sculpt was inspired by the GMK Hammerhead set interest check from three years ago! 


Every Mokarran keycap will come with its own clear acrylic token with a serial number.

These are resin printed keycaps* that are hand finished with sanding and a top coat.
These have a matte surface. 

This is a fulfillment sale and there will be resin casted variants in the future (that is when I have time to do them). All orders made before the 14th of January 2022 will be fulfilled.


*Please be aware, since these are printed caps there might be slight layer lines visible under a macro lens, and there will be support points that will remain on the INSIDE/UNDERSIDE of the keycap. 

 DO NOT FORCE keycap onto your switch if it is tight or you risk breaking the stem. Soak in lukewarm water to loosen stem and try again.